Blogging for China

Originally, I had planned on blogging on my trip through my primary WordPress blog, The Black Beret. However, the more I thought about what I wanted my blog to be, the more I realized that I needed a new blog to share my trip to China with my friends, family, and the world wide web. Thus began the journey of choosing a name for my blog.

I posted the question to Facebook: “What should I name my new blog?” Here are some of the responses from my friends:

  • 在中国奇蒂 (Translation: Chitty in China)
  • Red Rising in the East
  • Red(head) China
  • House of the Rising Beret
  • Adventure of the Black Beret in China

I am still trying to think of an adequate name for my blog. I don’t have much time to make a decision!

Do you have any suggestions?

Feature Image: Lanterns at the Montreal Botanical Gardens, 2010.


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